Free Assange

Print your own banners, posters, flyers, stickers and badges/buttons to support detained and gagged WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. Free print ready file downloads. All pdfs are full color with a 3mm or 0.125″ bleed.

Please request any other dimensions/specs @somersetbean especially considering different standard EU and US paper sizes.

Donate to the WikiLeaks legal defence fund.

Shop at the official WikiLeaks shop.

Explore WikiLeaks publications.


Click on the images to download print ready pdf files.



80x200cm banner poster: Free Julian Assange


80x200cm banner poster: WikiLeaks, shining a light in dark corners


130x80cm banner: Hands off Assange


130x80cm banner: Hands off Assange with link and QR code


130x80cm banner: Free Assange


8’x2′ banner: Free Assange


A3 poster: Hands off Assange


A3 poster: Free Assange


A4 poster: Hands off Assange


A4 poster: Free Assange



A5 poster: Hands off Assange


A5 poster: Free Assange


A5 flyer: Hands off Assange: 2up on A4


A5 flyer: Free Assange: 2up on A4


25mm sticker/badge: Hands off Assange


25mm sticker/badge: Free Assange


38mm sticker/badge: Hands off Assange


38mm sticker/badge: Free Assange


#FreeAssange flyer
2 up on letter size, 0.125 inch bleed


Assange – detained without charge flyer
2 up on letter size, 0.125 inch bleed


Assange – 6 months gagged flyer
2 up on letter size, 0.125 inch bleed


#FREEASSANGE – A3 size letters

Click on the image above for a set of the letters (incl hashtag). Or download the set of A3 letters PLUS an A3 size Assange pic here


Twitter banner


I love the First Amendment – bumper sticker
3 x 11.5 inches, 0.125 inch bleed